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Infocraft and Infor today celebrate to be a strong partnership of providing best-in-class IT implementation and Consultancy services to Discrete Manufacturing, Metallurgical, Hi-Tech Engineering, Logistics, Automotive and Transportation Industries. Starting from the Baan range of products (Baan IV, V) to the most recent cloud enabled solutions on the Infor 10x platform, we have built our expertise across the entire spectrum of implementation, customization, integration, application support and maintenance services. With a considerable number of customers and deployment sites worldwide, we are humbled to be an Infor Channel/ Alliance/ Development and Service Partner in Egypt, Middle-East. We have grown tremendously in the value chain and are today involved in co-development engagements to build extensions to standard Infor Products in the areas of Payroll, and Quality Management.

Our Infor Business Unit is at the forefront of the technology revolution and is geared to create value added all-in-one solutions in the areas of distributed supply chain integration, freight management and mobile workforce enablement. We closely follow Infor's philosophy of building innovative solutions that address each and every link of the business collaboration chain. We are happy to report that our customers have found Infor implementations to be predictable, secure and highly effective in achieving the goals of commerce continuity and scalability.

SPEED - 'Standard Preconfigured Express Easy Deployment' Methodology

The Infocraft proprietary approach of IDM is designed especially for the implementation of Infor LN ERP system in a discrete manufacturing setup. The methodology accelerates the implementation process, reduces the deployment time frame and efforts, and thereby results in a reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)!

With IDM, you can fast track the implementation of all essential modules like Sales, Purchase, Production, Warehousing, Finance, Taxation & Invoicing. This approach ensures that you focus on the core business processes initially and then extend the solution overtime to gain incremental value. We follow through by hand holding with your users and our comprehensive documentation support & AMC, increases their confidence and facilitates the transition to new ERP environment.

IDM ushers in better system controls in your critical business processes and helps you boost your business bottom line.



Our latest piece of art, is an intelligent solution that will help you submit your invoices automatically to the Tax Authority, through the integration between your ERP system and its servers without human intervention, and aligning you with The Egyptian Government’s vision towards the Digital Transformation, and the E-Invoicing program.

Solution Benefits:

  • Validate invoice items and data before issuing

  • All E-invoices users will be classified as low-risk profile companies in the Tax Authority

  • Facilitate companies’ procedures for VAT

  • Facilitate CPA review for preparing financial statement

  • Support companies to create accurate analytical reports in a very short time to support decision-makers

  • Reduce the administrative cost

  • Decrease the physical auditing process by the remote-auditing

  • Facilitate tax refund procedures

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An Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system is a highly valued piece of software for organizations that have an enormous number of machinery, equipment, electronic devices, spare parts and facilities under its operational purview. To cater to the growing demand amongst today's hi-tech organizations, Infor has introduced the innovative Infor EAM product, a fully web-architected solution, specially designed for streamlining the entire asset management cycle right from purchase to disposal. With automated processes that ensure timely preventive and predictive maintenance activities, the core EAM product aids organizations in minimizing asset related capital and operational expenditures, and at the same time giving them the safety of meeting compliance related rules and regulations. In addition to the core EAM product, the SaaS based Infor Facility Management CloudSuite, brings to the table a whole new world of 'smart' technologies to create residential buildings, workplaces, medical facilities, play schools, cafes, and cinemas for the future. Strategies such as Global asset sustainability (GAS) and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) along with 4D building information modelling (BIM) tools coupled with a great HTML5 based responsive UI are just some of the innovations that have been introduced in this award winning, futuristic EAM product.

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